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Currently working full time in Ministry, in 1994, Alfreda was  licensed and ordained a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ .  She is the CEO of Alfreda Bradford Ministries and also the Lead Pastor for the Life Word Jesus Kingdom Ministries located in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, incepted on January 1, 2011, she Shepard's a group of believers  via a Global Blog Talk Radio Fellowship Service that takes place at 6:00 a.m. (EST) ( six (6) days a week, Monday through Saturday. She endeavors to win the lost at any cost, and then to keep them encouraged and empowered by Divine instruction.


Her first published book "Poverty to Prosperity" was launched in September 2014. In August 2015, she launched her second book entitled, "The Eagles Nest - Grooming Effective Leadership". The Forward for both books were written by her Pastor and Presiding Bishop, Eric A. Lambert, II, of The Bethel Deliverance International Fellowship of Churches located in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. Her new soon to be released book "The Crucible Threshold" will also be developed as a movie.


Alfreda's experience over the last 30 years includes serving in Ministry in the capacity of: an Evangelist, Missionary, Youth Pastor, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Church Treasurer, Transportation Driver, Business Manager and Church Janitor among many other such things. She is a servant leader, who enjoys serving and humbles herself to do so wherever needed.





Alfreda has vast knowledge and experience as a Business Owner, Leader, Inventor and Entrepreneur, in the arenas of real estate, insurance, mortgages, banking, taxes and sales, etc. She has also hosted several monthly Leadership Conferences, Cable Television Talk Shows and Radio Leadership Broadcasts throughout the years, as she encourages her audience to do better, be better, live better!


Alfreda is completing the prerequisites to obtain her earned Doctorate from The Kingdom Bible Ministry in Houston, Texas. She is single with three adult daughters, four grandchildren and two son-in-laws.


She is divinely called, anointed, and appointed to lead this generation in such a time as this - impacting the culture into a Kingdom paradigm shift and movement led and assisted by God's power to affect the purposes of His Kingdom in this season!